Reports Of People Unable To Log Into Their Arena Account (UPDATE)

  • I’ve received reports from multiple people who are unable to log into their Arena account after downloading the Khans of Tarkir/Timeless update. This issue appears to be affecting a notable percentage of players, although exactly how many is unknown. I’ll provide updates as I get them.
  • Update: According to Ian from WotC the issue is being actively looked into, and some people have been able to get around the issue by modifying their network settings or logging in on their phone with WiFi turned off. I’ll update this post if I hear any additional details.
  • Update 2: According to Ian from WotC, they have been able to reproduce this bug and are currently investigating the cause and working towards a fix for the issue. I’ll continue to keep an eye on this and provide additional updates as they become available.

  • Update 3: It seems that this issue is only affecting players who have a Brawl Commander that is able to Specialize.