Huge Update On The Future Of Vintage Cube

  • There will be a separate article tomorrow by Cube Design Consultant Chris Wolf detailing the “uncut sheet’s worth of changes” to next week’s iteration of Vintage Cube. But today we hear from Ryan Spain, the Creative Director of MTGO and curator of the MTGO Vintage Cube, who will lay out the future of Vintage Cube for 2024 and beyond.
  • The first two iterations of Vintage Cube in 2023 had over 100 changes each, and while update #3 cut back a bit on that, the Winter iteration will also have a large number of changes coming to the Cube.
  • The most common bit of feedback they got in relation to Vintage Cube was that people wanted more of it, so with that in mind they plan to run 20 full weeks of Vintage Cube in 2024, touching all 12 calendar months of the year.
    • They would like to offer something new with every iteration of Vintage Cube, and Ryan and Chris are working to define a series of “archetype packages” to help manage the contents of the Cube. This should better help them define power levels and swap strategies in and out over the course of the year, leading to a smooth transition from one iteration of the Cube to the next.
  • The plan is to offer four major updates of the Cube over the course of the year, in March, June, August, and December.
    • There will be a second run in the month after each major update that will be considered a “polish update” and will not make an significant archetype changes from the major update.
    • When possible there will also be a third run that will allow them to either do another polish update or run a “guest” Vintage Cube.