Timeless Creator Clash (Update: Decklists Added For All Players)

  • Anuraag Das and Will Hall will be hosting the first Timeless event of the year on January 5, 2024 5:00 pm UTC on Anuraag’s Twitch channel.
  • The players for this event will be (Pronouns added for players who have them listed in their Twitter bio):
  1. Ashlizzlle (She/Her) | Boros Foundry
  2. Aspiringspike (He/Him) | Bant Midrange
  3. Eliott_Dragon | Rakdos Breach
  4. Reid Duke | Grixis Lurrus
  5. Arne Huschenbeth | Lurrus Dimir Control
  6. Nathan Steuer | Rakdos Breach
  7. FilipaMTG (She/Her) | Naya Winota
  8. NileJoanRivers (She/Her) | Mono-Green Prime Time
  9. d00mwake | Domain Zoo
  10. Son Rebell (She/Her) | Rebell Jund
  11. Gabe Nassif | Golgari Neco
  12. Ali Eldrazi | 5C Yorion Midrange
  13. HamHocks42 | Jund Sneak Attack
  14. Jaffer (He/Him) | Jund
  15. Mystmin | Lurrus Dimir Control
  16. Corey Baumeister | Rakdos Lurrus
  • Anuraag has also announced a unique prize structure for this event.
    • 1st place will recieve $400, 2nd place will recieve $200, and 3rd and 4th place will recieve $100 each.
    • There will be a $100 prize for the “Best Budget Deck”, or the best-finishing deck with 25 or fewer Rare wild cards.
      • Anuraag clarified for me on Twitter that this restriction only applies to Rare wildcards and does not include Mythic wildcards.
    • There will also be a $100 prize for the Community Favorite deck that will be awarded via fan poll during the event.