MaRo’s Teaser For Murders At Karlov Manor

  • As has become the custom a week before preview season starts, Mark Rosewater (MaRo) has released a series of quick-hit style teasers for the new set. It’s always worth a read, but here are a couple of highlights:
    • A new enchantment subtype: Case.
    • A popular mechanic returns tweaked with a new name.
    • A keyword mechanic not printed in a premier set since 2008 returns on a single card.
      • My guess for this is either Prowl or Conspire
    • Murder is in the set.
    • “Whenever a creature an opponent controls dies, if its toughness was less than 1, draw a card.”
    • “Whenever you sacrifice a Clue, target opponent gets two poison counters.”