MTGO Is Currently Experiencing Server Issues (*Update: Resolved*)

  • Update 2: This issue has now been resolved.
    • Refunds for affected events should be processed by the end of today, however MTGO asks that if you have not recieved a refund by January 14, 2024 2:00 am UTC then you should please file a ticket.
    • Due to the extended outage they have added additional Prelims and 64-player Drafts throughout the schedule today and tomorrow.
    • If you were registered for a Modern Qualifier, please re-register.
    • Vintage Cube has been extended by 3 days to add another Friday to the schedule as a way to make up for missing this one.
    • There is still a lingering issue that is causing problems if you drop from an event without first conceding a match. If you’re going to drop from an event please concede your current match first.
  • Update: MTGO continues to be down, however the above message was delivered via the Official MTGO Discord.
  • MTGO is currently down as the dev team investigates server issues. While there is no currently ETA, they are planning on doing another automatic mass reimbursement once things are back to normal. There is no need to file a refund ticket or to report the issue at this time, as it is actively being worked on.
  • I will update this post with new information as it becomes available.