MTG Arena Cube Changes

  • As previously reported, the Arena Cube starts tomorrow, and Cube Cobra has a detailed look at the changes.
  • The chart can be a little confusing if you’ve never seen it before, but if you follow the source link above you can see the cards that are remaining in the new version of the Cube in the left column, the cards coming out of the Cube in the middle column, and the cards that are new to the Cube are in the right column.
  • Most of the changes seem to be aimed at adding cards that came to Arena since the last iteration of the Cube, although notably all of the 5 color cards (save Golos) have been removed.
  • Potentially the biggest addition to this iteration of the Cube are the 5 Allied Fetchlands, which are sure to be high picks in every iteration of Arena Cube they’re part of.