Spicerack 2.0 Expands The Event Finder App Into The World Of Tournament Organization

When I first started getting back into Magic in 2022 after over 10 years away, trying to find events in my local area was an incredibly frustrating experience. Spicerack changed all that when they burst onto the scene, and now they’re taking the next leap forward by tackling the world of tournament organization software. Evan Farrell, the Head Chef of Spicerack.gg, offered me an early look at the brand new Spicerack 2.0 and I have to say…I’m very impressed. With the addition of Vic Sansing and Rebell to the team, doing Partnerships and Design/UX respectively, this is an app that’s being designed from the ground up with the needs of tournament organizers, head judges, floor judges, scorekeepers, and players in mind. As Evan put it, “Software shouldn’t be something you need to think about — when you’re gaming, your focus should be on playing, not on trying to interface with software the right way.”

So how do they accomplish this? First, they take the already fantastic Spicerack experience of being able to find local events, RCQs, major cons and more and expand the functionality by integrating Stripe. This allows players to find an event, sign up for it, and pay for entry in as few steps as possible. Then they make it easy to find your enrolled events in their focused play space. Players can leave paper decklists in the past and digitally submit decklists ahead of time, and with their paired judge tool Astrolabe judges can pull up any deck list registered for the event is just a few clicks.

As someone who has complained loudly and often how difficult it can be to follow the results of players you care about, I’m particularly excited about the ability to follow players you care about in the app to always know how they’re performing. For my money this is one of the most important aspects of making sure Magic has a thriving live play fan base, and any attempt at improving this aspect of the game is a welcome one.

Beyond just the player experience, the integration with Astrolabe makes submitting results, looking up standings, and seeing round notes just as seamless as the judge’s experience of finding tables, issuing time extensions, and curating rounds. The scorekeeper hub is great for tournament organizers too, allowing them to get an overview of all the day’s events as well as their current status. If you need to pair rounds or dive deeper into the event, it can all be done from this page. And lets not forget the unsung heroes that are floor judges! With Astrolabe they have everything they need to judge events: seeing the states of the tables, manually submitting results, accessing digital decklists, or issuing penalties to players can all be done right in the app.

Spells at the Squirrel, The Gathering 2024 (take a look at their 2023 website to get an idea of what to expect), and the Apex Gaming Invitational Series have all signed on to be initial partners for Spicerack 2.0, with over 10 additional partners to be announced later this month. If you want to check out the software early there will be a Pros vs Joes Cube Draft event at Spellbound Games in Chicago tonight. Jesse Robkin, Mason Clark, Nile Joan Rivers, and Jake Beardsley will all be there, and there will even be a trophy for the winner!

Spicerack has already proven their ability to simplify the experience of finding events and I. for one, can’t wait to see if they can do the same for signing up, playing in, and running events too. And while Spicerack is currently focused on providing the best Tournament Organization experience for Magic: The Gathering, it doesn’t end there as they plan to expand into other tabletop games in the future.