The Baldur’s Gate Wilderness Dungeon Will *Not* Be Eternal Legal

  • There was some confusion earlier this week with the announcement of the Battle for Baldur’s Gate Draft Event, taking place May 17 – 19.
  • This event, part of the celebration of D&D’s 50th anniversary, is a unique Draft event where each player will recieve one pack of Baldur’s Gate Collector Booster, and will then draft 3 packs as normal for a Commander Draft event (which is to say two cards at a time).
  • The confusion came in when a brand new Dungeon was revealed for this event: Baldur’s Gate Wilderness. The article did not make it clear if this new Dungeon was only to be used for this event, or if it would be Eternal Legal.
  • Mark Rosewater confirmed on his blog tonight that the Baldur’s Gate Wilderness Dungeon is only intended to be used for this event, but added that if people wanted to use it casually there is nothing they can do to stop it. While he didn’t go so far as to outright state that this Dungeon is not Eternal Legal, the implication seems very clear.