Violent Outburst Has Been Banned In Modern

  • There were only two changes in the March 11th, 2024 B&R announcement: Violent Outburst has been banned in Modern and Ponder is now unrestricted in Vintage. Please see the source link for the full context of these changes, and non-changes in other formats.
  • One other thing I’d like to call attention to is in the section for Standard, specifically this quote: “In fact, Standard has now returned to being the most-played 60-card tabletop format (in addition to remaining the most-played digital format)!” In my opinion Standard both being good and being played again is a fantastic development for Magic in general, and I’m happy to see that the changes they made to revitalize Standard seem to be working.
  • As a reminder, Weekly MTG on March 12th will be dedicated to discussion on this B&R announcement.