At Least Two Midweek Magic: Gladiator Showcase Decks Appear To Be Bugged ***FIXED***

  • Update 3: According to a Dev in the Official Magic Discord, the missing card in both decks was Spell Snare and it has now been fixed for both decks!
  • Update 2: I’ve received confirmation from an Arena Dev that they’re aware of this issue and are currently exploring if it’s possible to fix before the event ends.
  • Update: I’ve had multiple people tell me this is causing a problem with more than just the two decks listed below. It’s possible that the system is trying to pair against the Jeskai or Azorius deck and that is causing an issue even for the decks with the correct number of cards.
  • I’m hearing that people are having a problem with the Midweek Magic event, where if they’re playing the Jeskai or Azorius decks they aren’t able to pair correctly with an opponent. It appears as if those two decks only have 99 cards in them. As far as I’m aware these are the only two decks experiencing this problem at this time, and the other 8 decks are working as intended.