Arena Annoucements For May 13th, 2024


  • May WPN Promo
    • There are 3 Arena rewards you can earn by playing draft events at a WPN eligible store. Your first draft will early you a High Noon card style, your second will earn you a Goblin card sleeve, and your third will earn you a Draft token.
    • This promo will last until June 2nd.
  • Midweek Magic this week will be the Brawl Builder Challenge.
    • Pick a Legendary creature from OTJ, the associated Alchemy release, or the Commander face cards, and build a 100 card Brawl deck.
    • Please note that this was originally announced as an all-access, phantom event. This has since been removed from the official article, and it has been confirmed by one of the devs in the official Magic Discord that this event is neither all-access nor phantom.

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