MTGO Announcements For May 14th, 2024


  • 2024 MOCS Season 1 Showcase on May 18th
    • This Saturday you can tune into the official MTGO Twitch channel to watch 8 players battle it out over a $70k prize pool and two World Championship slots for later this year.
    • The formats will be a Vintage Cube Draft followed by Modern Constructed. If one player wins both 3-round events they will become the MOCS Season 1 Showcase Champion. Otherwise the two winners will play each other in a Bo3 Modern playoff match to determine the winner.
    • The field:
      • Sam Rolph (Phill_Hellmuth) – Modern Champion
      • Martin Quiroga (Pintumtg) – Pioneer Champion
      • Benny Zeoli (bennybo) – Vintage Champion
      • Andreas Petersen (ecobaronen) – Legacy Champion
      • Jan-Moritz Merkel (JMM) – Open #1 Champion
      • Anton Samoshin (Enotpaniker) – Open #2 Champion
      • Lucas Duchow (duke12) – Leaderboard
      • Stefan Schütz (mentalmisstep) – Leaderboard
    • The broadcast team:
    • Additional details, including the breakdown of the $70k prize pool, can be found on the official MTGO website.
  • Vintage Cube is back on MTGO until May 22nd, along with 64-player events.
  • The Magic Discovery Zone continues this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. PT on the MTGO Twitch channel. Join host Nile Joan Rivers as a special guest coaches her through new formats, decks, or other aspects of MTGO every week. This week Nile dives into the mono-Blue Pauper Delver deck!

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