MTGO Makes League Data Public, And Why That’s A Huge Deal

  • ***Update***: The API for this is currently shut off, pending a Daybreak internal review. I’ll update this article again when it comes back online.
  • Vintage focused content creator IamActuallyLvL1 send out a Tweet today pointing out that Daybreak Games, the group currently in charge of Magic Online, has recently made their data set public.
  • This provides an unprecedented look at aggregate data for Constructed formats, specifically a level of data that was previously only accessible to WotC.
  • The availability of this data would allow someone to build a version of 17Lands aimed at gathering Constructed data, for every format. This includes deck lists, results, specific matchups, and rather than looking at aggregate deck list performance it would allow for the ability to see how specific cards perform in a given deck. For example, do Phoenix lists with Proft’s Eidetic Memory perform better or worse than ones without it, and which matchups is it specifically good/bad against?
  • Unlike 17Lands, however, this should provide data for 100% of the MTGO player base. Arena offers none of this data publicly, so 17Lands requires users to collect their own data and present it to them to aggregate.
  • It’s unclear at this time if this public data set includes any information on drafts or game replay data, although as people start to dig into this we should slowly get more information. For the time being this is an incredibly exciting development in terms of the possibilities, and it’ll be extremely interesting to keep an eye on what this decision by Daybreak Games allows for going forward.