WotC Announces Magic: The Gathering Foundations

  • At the MagicCon: Amsterdam Preview Panel on Friday, WotC unveiled a brand new set, coming out on November 15th, called Foundations.
  • This set will be Standard legal, and is largely aimed at helping newer players fall in love with the game of Magic: The Gathering while providing useful pieces for more entrenched players.
  • Foundations will be both in paper and on Arena. MTGO was not mentioned, but seems extremely likely.
  • WotC has said that this set will be Standard legal until “…at least 2029”, but may be part of the format long past that.
  • Beyond just providing an on-ramp for new players, this set will form a foundation for Magic’s identity and will be focused on having a lower complexity level than most sets in Standard.
  • There are about 50% new cards, and 50% reprints.
  • There will be Play Boosters (so this set will be draftable), Collector Boosters, Jumpstart Boosters, as well as two new products: A Beginner Box and a Starter Collection.
  • The Beginner box will retail for $29.99 USD and contains ten packets (two for each color of Magic) of twenty cards each. Like with Jumpstart packs these are intended to be combined into 40 card decks. At least some of these packets will be “pre-shuffled” so that new players can follow a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to play the first time they pick up the game.
  • The Starter collection will contain 350 cards and will retail for $59.99 USD. The intent of this product is to expand on the themes from the Beginner box and help newer players step into the world of Standard.
  • This set is not fixed on any one point in Magic’s story, and will be spread across the entire timeline of Magic, with a small slice of something for everyone when it comes to planes.
  • There will be 5 Planeswalkers in this set, and Chandra was heavily implied to be one of them.
  • Starting with this set and moving forward, all Enchantments will now use the “Nyx frame” that debuted with Enchantment Creatures in Theros. Also with this set, a card’s rules text will no longer refer to “CARDNAME”, and will instead say, “this”. They spoke about a number of small, quality of life changes like this that they hope will reduce future complexity and wordiness.
  • The reprints shown off at the Preview Panel were Llanowar Elves, Day of Judgement, and Omniscience.
  • New cards included Anthem of Champions and Nine-Lives Familiar.
Nine-Lives Familiar (Foundations #66)
Anthem of Champions (Foundations #116)