Arena Announcements for April 8th, 2024


  • This is the last week for Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ) preorders before the set releases on April 16th on Arena.
  • The Streamer event returns for OTJ on Wednesday, April 10th. The field of creators taking part in this event is smaller than in previous iterations, but this is the first Streamer Event we’ve had since Lost Caverns of Ixalan.
  • When OTJ releases digitally on Tuesday, April 16th there will be 4 cards from the Breaking News bonus sheet pre-banned in the Historic format.
    • Commandeer
    • Force of Vigor
    • Mana Drain
    • Reanimate
  • WotC will be keeping an eye on Timeless, but due to the fact that it is not currently a static format, meaning that there will be a large number of relevant cards added this year, they are not making any changes at this time.
  • The Remix Draft: Artifacts event will continue until OTJ releases on Tuesday, April 16th. This is a new kind of draft format, halfway between a Cube and a Masters set, that WotC is trying out as another option for something to run as a Limited format winds down.
  • Midweek Magic this week is a spotlight on the Gladiator format, an Arena-only version of the Canadian Highlander format. There are 10 preconstructed 100-card singleton decks, curated by the Gladiator Council for this event. While Gladiator is typically best of 3, for this event the games will be best of 1.
    • Gruul Sneak Attack
    • Rakdos Reanimator Midrange
    • Azorius Control
    • Mardu Aristocrats
    • Jeskai Tempo
    • Sultai Channel Storm
    • Cow Tech
    • Dimir Pact-Oracle
    • Naya Bard Class
    • Mono-Green Elves